Karee - Strut Ultralight
Gondwana Telescopes is pleased to announce its latest model to its range - Karee.

An Australian Aboriginal word for 'Sun', Karee is designed for the large range of ultralight dobsonian telescopes, 16" to 20".  Utilizing a proven and award winning strut design, like is smaller brother, it is designed to have a small stowed configuration that is also capable of dealing with the rigors of long distance travel.

Karee's strut design provides a unique set of features that set it apart from other large dobsonian designs.  Built in counter weight measures deal with an even wider range of eyepiece weights without the need of either supplimentary counterweights, shock cords or braking mechanisms.  Multiple finder scopes are another feature that offers advantages that at first are not obvious, but are significant.  And two secondary cage design options to customers.

Karee is designed to keep the weight of the secondary cage to a minimum, there by maximising the mechanical advantage of a balanced instument.  The spider design is the same at that of its smaller brother, Marana, with the choice of either a fixed or removable secondary mirror.

Karee's secondary cage can be produced on one of two ways:  1, from a single sheet of plywood, or 2, as a more orthodox enclosed cage.  This is to give customers as much flexablity in the design and functionality of their instrument.

Karee can built to accommodate digital setting circles, such as Nexus from Astro Devices, and for servo motors.  Its unique strut system allows for accessories to be mounted onto the struts themselves, such as additional finderscopes, smart phones, tablets, wifi systems, and many others.

The 16" Karee starts from $5000.00, without optics.  As for Marana, optic choices can be from a donor scope, customer sourced, or supplied by Gondwana Telescopes.

Karee telescopes are now available with the Astro Devices line of Nexus instruments.

Displays and Demonstrations by Gondwana Telescopes

Keep a look out in the News and Events page for where Gondwana Telescopes will be having displays and demonstrations of Marana and Karee!