Custom Dobsonian Mount
Custom built dob mounts for existing OTA's

If you have an existing Newtonian OTA, we can create a new dob mount following the exact same mechanical principles used in Marana.

These mounts are co-designed with the customer so the end result not only is a totally unique creation, but includes the customer's own flare.

One feature of our mounts is the ability to quickly install and remove the OTA from the cradle.  This way, if the customer has an equatorial mount that would carry the OTA, the scope can be easily swapped from equatorial mount to dob mount.

As with our complete telescopes, our dob mounts are made ready to accept digital telescope control units such as Nexus DSC.  We can also supply complete the complete line of Nexus from Astro Devices units for these mounts, including encoders and mounting hardware.   Plywood selection is availble too, though marine grade varnish is always used.

Custom new dob mounts for an existing dob

Many commercially made dob mounts are not fabricated out of materials known for their longevity.  They may be made out of materials that are very susceptible to the effects of water and expand and render the mount useless.  Some mounts do not allow for the easy installation of digital setting circles.  Some use undersized or inappropriate components.  Some are just too heavy.  We can build a new dob mount to replace an original mount, and employ the materials, mechanical principles and components used in our complete telescopes.  We also add our own innovations to these mounts that has been garnered from the 30 years of using telescopes.  Innovations that not only make using our mounts easier, but will also extend the useable life of these mounts for many years.

Table top dobsonians

If you have a smaller Newtonian, we can also fabricate a table top dobsonian mount.  These mounts while small none the less use the same quality bearing materials, mechanical properties and ease of use as its big brother mounts and our complete telescopes.  Plywood selection is more flexible as these mounts are not subjected to the same rigors as larger mounts.  To keep the price down on these mounts, they do not come standard with encoder facilities as the larger mounts and telescopes.  However encoder facilities can be placed onto theses mounts at an extra cost.