I discovered in the heavens many things that had not been seen
​before our own age

Galileo Galili, 1615.

Gondwana Telescopes is focused on creating high quality ultralight dobsonians that also maximise portability and robustness.  Our ultralight designs ultise specially selected materials and components to create balanced instruments, with innovations brought about from 30 years of experience in using and making telescopes.  A passion that started from childhood now giving back to astronomy a new dimension.

Our first model, the award winning Marana, is an ultralight travelscope.  While we have 12" optics ready to go, new models are being developed with other innovative features.  Carbon fibre poles, light weight and exquisite components, and ready to accept digital setting circles - all in a package that can sit in the front passenger seat of a car for the 12" model.  Added to the range of models available include the 8" Kulali and the 16" Karee.

Gondwana Telescopes also offers a custom dobsonian mount fabrication service to replace an existing dob mount and for existing Newtonians that the customer would like to have a dobsonian mount for.  We encourage our customers to contribute to the aesthetic design of our mounts, seeking to individualise each mount to the inspirations that influenced their lives.  Our mounts, just like our complete telescopes, are unique creations that also sport innovations brought about from many years of using and making telescopes.

And exclusive to Gondwana Telescopes is the original astronomical sketches of the artisan Alexander Massey.

The line of telescopes being offered by Gondwana Telescopes has now been expanded to include Karee large aperture strut telescopes, and the tiny, ultra-portable and robust Kulali.  

New products and lines are being regularly added to Gondwana Telescopes.

We welcome enquiries.  You will find our contact details in the
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From this...                                                                ... to this in minutes.
There's more to us than just building telescopes.
We build our instruments from actually using telescopes and following our own niche within astronomy.  This is where much of our inspiration for how we do things comes from.  Alex's own blog is where he gets his hands dirty with astronomy.
New Extreme Resolution Encoders from Astro Devices

Gondwana Telescopes is happy to now offer Extreme Resolution Encoders with its line of telescopes.  These encoders start with a resolution of 311,296 steps.  When coupled to the Nexus 2 or the Nexus DSC, you do not need to change the way you use your scope - just move the telescope about as you normally do.

Why such high resolution encoder?

Extreme Resolution Encoders come into their own not only for a refined object search, but when looking at a complex field that contains many individual objects.  Standard resolution encoders of up to 30,000 steps not capable of identifying individual objects say from within the Large Magelanic Cloud.  Or from a field within the arms of the Milky Way, many objects are obscured and difficult to distinguish from the mottled glow of the Milky Way.  In these situations, Extreme Resolution Encoders are a must.

*  Want to identify individual globular clusters in M31?
*  Like to identify the Cirinus Dwarf galaxy, PGC 50779, from the forground Milky Way?
*  Like to have the power of a 2,000,000 object expandable data base and identify each and every individual object?

Then you need to couple your Gondwana Telescope with a Nexus unit and these new Extreme Resolution Encoders.

Please email Gondwana Telescopes if you would like more information about these Extreme Resolution Encoders.

Godwana Telescopes extends its line of products

As we at Gondwana Telescopes are also practicing amateur astronomers, we also encounter the same set of awkard moments while observing.  So from this experience, we have introduced a line of unique and specialised observing aids to assist in both comfort and visual experience.

Initially offering Blinking Paddles and handcrafted observing chairs, this line of products is set to expand.

Please refer to our new "Observing Aids" page for more details
Kulali bound for New York!
image-473222-K1 completed (53).JPG?1446039277105
A brand new Kulali now calls New York home!

Jason T. has taken delivery of a Kulali telescope, complete with a set of Nexus Digital Setting Circles.